March Meeting and Eating

We have our planning meeting on 23rd March as part of our monthly gardening get togethers.

Last month on Sunday we had about a dozen of us pruning – enjoyable, not to mention the harvest we hope for as a result. Everything apart from the autumn fruiting raspberries (yes they are) is now pruned, the pears are picked and we will share them and the unsold garlic at the meeting on Sunday 23rd March.

Newstead Twilight Dinner flyer (22Mar14)_1Please come to this gathering as it is our best opportunity to catch up and get mandates for spending funds and to plan seasonal activities for the whole garden, outside the regular gardening sessions.  If you haven’t been to the garden for a while, no problem, we welcome your input. And there will be cake!

See the suggested agenda (perhaps we should get together more often!) but we don’t anticipate a very long meeting, 10am – 12, plus it’s now the perfect time of year for planting garlic and broadies (and other crops) so if time allows we could do some scratching as well.

Please get in touch if you have other items for the agenda or issues, concerns, ideas, wishes. See you on Sunday 23rd. An RSVP to Gen, Mary or myself would be helpful.

And the Newstead Twilight Dinner  in the garden flyer is attached … sounds like a lovely way to get the pizza oven started for the year….

Newstead Community Garden Agenda 23 March
1. Welcome, Intros
2.New gardeners/plotholders/diggers and membership changes
– who’s new, who’s left, plot changes
3. How’s your Garden Growing?
– feedback on season; what’s worked, what hasn’t, how have you experienced the garden
– suggested facilitated planning session to revisit the garden aims and vision, discussion how it operates, succession and renewal – later in the year or early next year
4. Communication
– the calendar, blog – is it working, improvements, suggestions?
– other ways to communicate – see budget/funding
4. Budget/Spending/Funding
– current state of budget: funding grants spent/unspent/fundraising
– new grants – MAS Community Grants – improving communication in the garden ($850)
5. Upcoming Events
– BD500 Horn burial with BDVic at Little Hampton – 5 April (community bus trip?)
– BD compost build 27 April
– Biochar – June
– Childrens Literature Festival – September
– Garden Fundraising Dinner – October
– Festival of Gardens – November
– other events in the shire – The Hub, Growing Abundance, etc
6. Growing, Works, Wishes
– loddon seedlings, herbs
– this year’s garlic crop and other communal plantings
– pizza oven pergola, pond
7. Other items
– MASC Environmental Roundtable report back?
– sustainable gardening survey on community gardens 
8. Next gathering date

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