Cake, and meeting notes

zuchcake2Those who missed our planning meeting yesterday also missed the food – we always eat well at the garden!

Sarah’s gluten free rhubarb cake (using our rhubarb) can be found here and in the recipe and food section, along with the zuke and carrot cake (though I never can stick to the recipe!) we also had quiche, hommous and biscuits… oh, and our meeting: click here to download or view: Newstead Community Garden annual planning session notes .

Gardening on Thursday will involve more preparing ground for garlic and, perhaps, planting it. As well the shed does need a tidy up – an autumn clean?

April 5 – interested in car pooling to Little Hampton to help bury cow horns for BD500? Sarah is organising this. See the flyer: Fieldday 05 April.

On the subject of dates, here’s a draft calendar: Workshop calendar 2014 of local happenings amongst gardening groups in our Shire. We’re looking at ways to have a central calendar that can be updated and viewed easily.

2 thoughts on “Cake, and meeting notes

  1. margot brulotte says:

    The food is always 5 star at your events.!!!

    Sorry can not make so many of the things you have had on.

    Flat out here and also our place in Werribee which is 30 acres and this one 40 acres.

    Where is GA Workshops and MASC ?

    Hope all is well with you.

    Keep up the good work

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