Get out in the Garden

ahead of another summer scorcher  Thursday was the start of an auspicious few days for gardening – moon descending and waning and a perigee all mean greater lunar forces and a good effect on plants over the weekend. Moon in Saturn, plus we are in a “root” sign (and “flower” for a day or two). Perfect time for planting seedlings, especially root crops and “flower” veges (like cauliflower and broccoli). After the rain, and with the warm conditions, plants will leap away. If you can get into the garden this weekend, do so.

The April notes are now posted so you can see when else to make the most of your April activities. Autumn is a great time for renewal, growth and development in the garden; it can seem like a “spring flush” and be just as beautiful.

It’s also an ideal time for building the soil, through conditioning, biodynamic preparations and fertilisers. Think about planting perennials; herbs, fruit trees and the like. I also like to plant garlic now so that root and leaf areas can become established before the cold sets in. Leafy greens – kale, rocket, lettuce, mustards, chinese and japanese greens, all grow well now right through the winter and make good nightly picking. And get your broad beans in!ahead of another summer scorcher

Find out more in the Garden Notes for April. And let’s hope the warm days and not too cool nights continue so the tomatoes and other summer crops can finally ripen!

Don’t forget the Produce Exchange next Saturday 5th outside the Red Store, 10.30-12 also our visit to bury cow horns for BD500 (05-april.pdf.) And of course our big compost build on April 27. Daylight saving ends next weekend so we’ll change our Thursday evening gardening time to 4-6pm.

A reminder garden memberships are due next month. If you are interested in a plot or want to relinquish yours, please get in touch. Enjoy gardening conditions this autumn during April.

One thought on “Get out in the Garden

  1. Anthony says:

    I must say that I enjoyed reading these notes because they are informative on different levels. Besides the obvious knowledge of gardening it also conveys a sensitivity to nature and a passion for growing. It’s inspiring. Thanks Janet.

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