Getting the Garlic In

I always love spontaneity and especially those rare times when ideas, organisation and activity all coincide. Such was the case last Sunday when we got our main crop of Flinders Island Purple garlic sown. We had been mulling over the lack of planting options at the garden because of crop rotation (garlic beds should be given 3 seasons of other crops, before planting back to garlic) and space. A query to Helen about her paddock, followed by a couple of phone calls and by Sunday evening Leon, Helen, Sarah, Gayle, Gen and I had loaded and carted compost, ploughed, levelled, planted and watered in the crop.

With many thanks to Helen for her generosity and response to our request, to Leon for providing tractor, plough and his time free of charge – and staying on to help us plant – and to all for making it so enjoyable and easy.

Hold your mouse over the images to find out more or enlarge pics:

We still have a bit more of the Dunnolly Purple Italian to plant, and a bit more space in the paddock. The field has a good history and organic produce has been grown in it previously, as well as oats and green manure crops, so there was not much soil prep needed. Hopefully we can complete the garlic on Thursday and maybe some broadies as well. The paddock isn’t rabbit or roo proofed, so fingers crossed! (we may have to set up some temporary protection) The compost supplies have been dropping and by the time we feed fruit trees and other growing areas, will be timely for our “big build” on 27th and to make some smaller, quicker  to transform (6 weeks) bays as well.

2 thoughts on “Getting the Garlic In

  1. margot says:

    I am dreaming of having soil like theirs one day….and also working towards it I have to admit. Very nice of them indeed to help like that.

    • Saide of Sandon says:

      Looks like a fun and enjoyable way to spend a Sunday with piles of fresh garlic as a reward in about six months! One of the many things I love about gardening is the rewards socially and bio-physically, with so many cloves from one plant.

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