Bad Moon Rising

lunar-eclipse-600 (reuters)

Well, not really. But if you can look out and up tomorrow night, Tuesday 15th April, it’ll be worth it. A lunar eclipse.

Ernst from Biodynamics Victoria has this to say…

Since Biodynamics is a lot about the moon and its influence, there is a rare opportunity coming up tomorrow to watch a Full Moon combined with a Lunar Eclipse. The ‘stargazers’ in our membership certainly do know about this, and the Astro Calendar shows the occasion as well.
From ancient mystery to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this from dark pale to red (depending on the air pollution) appearing moon has kept people puzzled.

Watch out for this total lunar eclipse right after moonrise, when it is halfway through this phase at 7.30pm. The weather seems to be kind to us to see the event.


And our garlic is emerging …

Enjoy the current productive conditions for gardening – moisture, warmth, sunlight!

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