Compost additions

If you missed our compost workshop last Sunday, Mount Alexander Shire are holding a free event in Castlemaine on 24th May … Ben Bowman passed on this info:

Saturday 24 May 10.30 to 12.30 – Beginners Guide to Composting and Worms. A free Community Event.
Interested in having a healthy garden with little effort? Learn the art and science of how to team with worms and microbes to turn waste into rich organic topsoil – the cornerstone of organic gardening and ultimately human health. The session includes all the theory you need to deal with the most common problems, and includes hands-on demonstrations on compost making, and how to set up and maintain a worm farm. Car Park Kitchen Garden. Rear of Continuing Education, Templeton Street, Castlemaine.
(Event may be cancelled due to bad weather. Child friendly). Presented by Very Edible Gardens. Bookings Required. Contact Dallas Giles, Healthy Environments Administration Officer: 03 5471 1768

And here’s some pics from our big build, thanks to Gen and Ernst:


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