BD Spray on Sunday

This Sunday 18th May is perfect timing for our first BD500 (Horn Manure) spray for the year – the moon is descending, waning, perigee and moving into a “root” day (see the gardening notes or BD basics for more info on this), plus the soil has some residual warmth and moisture.

We’ll start the stir through our flowforms at 3pm and it’ll be ready to apply at 4pm. We always have more than enough for the garden, so bring bucket with lid, large juice containers or similar covered receptacles and take some home to spray on your own patch. It needs to go out within an hour of the completed stirring for best effect. A hearth brush is a good applicator, or there’s always a leafy branch!

Come at 3pm and join us to see the whole process and do a bit of scratching while you wait, or pop by at 4pm to help apply it and take a share home. We’ll also spray the garlic at Helen’s.  On the garlic front, it’s up and weeded, fed and watered (with BD seaweed emulsion) and snug under a thick blanket of weed supressing mulch. See the latest pics.

And don’t forget May 25th is our birthday – 4 years old – join us for cake and spend an hour or two at our first and much needed working bee for the year. Tasks include fruit tree care (codling moth traps and sticky goo, feeding, weeding) and communal bed preparation and planting (good bug mix, green manures, food crops) and some herb work (striking cuttings, sowing seeds, transplanting) –  there’s jobs for both the fit and not so able.

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