Those Green Tomatoes

Diana and Carol harvested the bulk of the rest of our tomatoes on Sunday as we were waiting for the flowforms to do their thing with the BD500. We have a mix of ripening and green tomatoes ready for the eating, preserving, ripening …

Good thing that Anthony has provided this simple recipe for green tomatoes – no doubt there are many Central Victorian gardeners in the same boat.

Go to our food and recipe pages for  Anthony’s Pomodori Verdi Sott’aceto e Olio (Green Tomatoes in Vinegar and Oil) and enjoy.

And if you are wondering if they will ever ripen, if your tomatoes have a blotch or touch of yellowing and coloration they will ripen, especially if snuggled up against pears, quinces, apples, bananas in the fruit bowl. Be patient and enjoy the out of season tomato taste sensation.

growing tomatoes

One thought on “Those Green Tomatoes

  1. Saide of Sandon says:

    That I still have some ripened and ripening tomatoes on my window sill at the June Winter Solstice is rather amazing, especially given I was on the point of pulling all the tomato plants and tossing my green tomatoes into the compost until I read this Newstead Community Garden post! So thank you Janet and Anthony.

    Also thanks to Julia Elkins who numbered and labelled all those beautiful heritage tomatoes we planted last year. My plantings included 74. San Marzano, 14. Long Keeper and our own Newstead River Tomato. I had success with all of these, although the Long Keeper was particularly slow to ripen. One explanation of the low ripening is that I put the tomatoes in rather late to avoid the hot spell. All three tomato types cropped heavily, especially the San Marzano, which was also the tastiest. All three were medium sized at maturity and I have kept an ample supply of seed from both the San Marzano and the Long Keeper with some seed from the Newstead River Tomato.

    I also grew what matured into an unnamed Beef Steak-type tomato very chunky and segmented. This tomato did not ripen on the bushes at all and those ripened on the window sill were only suitable for cooking.

    Erica kindly gave me some tiny Sno Tomatoes – heavy croppers – that grow into a substantial bush, starting with white fruit, which changes colour on ripening. I enjoyed the few I tasted sufficiently to keep a small amount of seed from the remainder.

    I am curious about how other tomato growing faired last season, especially the heritage ones: 4. Banana legs, 8. Deutsher Fleiss, 18. Aomovic and 81. Delicious. If you tried growing these or other heritage tomatoes, I am interested in your growing results and whether any seed was kept for next season.

    Meanwhile, may the gardening prosper!

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