Happy Birthday to Us!

On Sunday we celebrated four years of Newstead Community Gardening. Time flies when you are in the garden – and it did on Sunday with many spending just about the whole day digging, planting, composting, weeding, harvesting, chatting. We celebrated, with what else, but cake! An array, including our Commnity Garden Cake (thanks to Barwon Heads), Upsidedown Quince, Lemon & Coconut Semolina, Scones, Jam & Cream, Lemon Slice, and something savory (relief after the sweet things) in Spanikopita ala Saide. The garden cake recipe is on our website … hope the rest will be forthcoming, very soon. Hint.

Welcome to new members Carolyn and Marcus (and thanks to Marcus for providing musical accompaniment to our gardening, very lovely) and thanks to all who attended. The Church folk gave us a lovely birthday card; thanks to Rev Fiona and all the congregation for being such wonderful neighbours and landlords.

We look forward to the next year as one of growth, bounty, generosity and connection.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. janet barker says:

    Forgot to mention. From Celia. Starts tomorrow evening – 7pm – The Michael Centre, Warranwood…

    ‘The Alchemy of the Four Elements’

    Warmth, Air, Water and Earth are essential for the existence of any life form. Johannes Schuster spends three evenings taking us on a magical journey to learn more about these fundamentals.

    RSVP: info@biodynamiccommunitygarden.com.au

    June, July, August –

    · Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition

    · Natures Language of Form Explored Through Clay

    · Biodynamic Fruit Tree Management

    · Natural, Sustainable, Biodynamic Bee Keeping

    Bookings: http://www.biodynamicteachings.com.au

  2. Saide of Sandon says:

    Happy Fourth Birthday Newstead Community Garden! We have come a long way in four years and have had a lot of produce to show for our group’s work. My range of foods eaten has been expanded and my growing skills have been transformed into a semblance of success. This also means that the Newstead Produce Exchange has about 4 or 5 years of continuous exchange of our home and community grown produce. Well done us! Congratulations to all those communal green and greening thumbs, best wishes for many more seasons of sumptious seedling successes and thanks for sharing all that cake on Sunday!

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