After the compost, heaps more

Diana and Sarah had a go at a heap after our big build; some pics below. The next build will be at Sarah’s in the next couple of weeks, an invite, if anyone wants to join in … practice makes perfect, or at least a fairly decent compost. Others have also been busy with heaps!

During a coffee and cake brainstorm Diana and Sarah thought that it may be a good idea to see if any garden members were interested in joining in on a working bee to be held at each other’s properties when required. As Diana suggests:

Perhaps, one member may have fruit trees that need a winter prune and are unable or don’t know how to do this, or perhaps another member may need some assistance in making a small garden patch in their yard. We would all help each other in lending our skills and know how to assist each other. What are your thoughts?

Let us know. In the meantime, our big BD heap is ‘cooking’ and now also several smaller bays, thanks to Joan’s efforts on the weekend. Nothing like a good compost build to create the basis for community gardening.

Thanks also to Frances Cincotta from Newstead Natives who has generously donated more plants to our indigenous planting areas, to replace those poor plants lost over last summer’s blast (and our lack of nurturing). The rest of her plantings are doing exceptionally well – it’s good to see what local species are thriving at the garden. We’ve seen wrens and small birds about, apart from the very resident (and fat) maggies, so hoping that the native plantings are attracting more small birds that will eat the pesky bugs. Thanks Frances!

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