Discover the wonders of Biochar

Our Sunday gardening session on 22 June will include a workshop from 10.00am -12.00noon, to introduce gardeners to biochar and how to make your own, run by Anthony Santamaria. He’s been experimenting with making and using this amazing substance.

Essentially charcoal – biochar is made by burning carbon rich materials, in the absence of oxygen (pyrolysis). The result is a soil additive that is stable, has a large surface area that provides a perfect home for soil microbes, and holds large amounts of moisture. It is also a way of sequestering or storing carbon in the soil that is not easily released into the atmosphere. (think hundreds, or thousands, of years).


You can also download the flyer here: Biochar Intensive June. Feel free to pass onto any interested gardeners in your networks. For more info or to book, contact Anthony on 0490 055 918.

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