Midwinter, by the Calendar

We’re planting a couple of apricots this month. In Newstead, frost-prone as it is. Not only because of the changing conditions, but because we have a couple of microclimates (protected by pepper tree, north facing, sheltered) that, hopefully, will see the trees through flowering and fruit set should we get 21 june2014 03those usually big, early Spring Newstead frosts.

I’m thinking about playing around with the generally acceptable planting times and plant types for this area, since things seem anything but seasonal to me over these past several years (I have roses and lavender flowering in my garden at present). Having said all that, the July Notes are now posted – all conventional, conservative, business as usual – so feel free to follow as writ, or have your own play. Keen to hear if you are altering planting dates and types/varieties as well. Our Newstead Tomato (late maturing according to historical annecdote) did no good this year, though some seeds have been saved, but I also wonder if there’s a newer, improved version in the offing. And for other fruits and veges as well? Perhaps we’ll soon be able to grow lemons out in the open, like they do in Maldon?!

Back to winter, and the ABV(Australia Biodynamics – Victoria) have just sent their  Winter Newsletter  – Ernst and Rosie and fellow members have been very busy all over the State, laying horns, making composts and making biodynamics real … and there’s some other BD garden events as well. Brian Keats is warning of weather extremes this month, see the July Notes for more info. Don’t forget the Produce Exchange on 5th July.

Enjoy the depth of quiet stillness (apart from the munching of snails and slugs)  in your garden this month. Let’s hope for cold, wet, miserable conditions, for the garden’s sake.

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