Plans and Produce Afoot

spring in the garden 2014We had a fruitful session with Jinette and came away with some areas for further discussion and action, as well as some more creative representations of the garden! Interesting what reverting to the visual, rather than spoken, can reveal. Thanks Jinette for guiding us on the garden path. We will have a follow-up session on Saturday September 6, time to be confirmed.

Spring is here and the garden awaits you! The planting notes for September are now posted, including a warning about using – or at least avoiding – urea based organic fertilisers. We’ll be putting in a communal spud crop (the tubers are spread out and developing shoots and eyes in the igloo, ahead of planting) where the rhubarb was. Having missed the window to put in a green manure in autumn, spuds are the next best thing to renew ground –  all that lovely compost and rotted sheep manure and mulch that is applied to the crop in stages as it grows will benefit the soil as much as the growing spuds. An incentive to feed the soil!

Julia, Gen and I also took time out to protect our growing garlic crop – some bored birds, perhaps cockatoos, have been having a munch on the plants. Can be pretty destructive at this time of the season, so we’ve netted them to be sure of a harvest. We also took the opportunity to give the plants a good water and a feed of biodynamic seaweed emulsion.

Also in September, our Produce Exchange on the 6th, the CWA visit on 10th, Children’s Literature Festival workshop on 30th. The Festival of Gardens (November) brochure was launched last week at Buda, and we’re in it.

See you in the garden.



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