Come Dine with Us

It’s on again – our annual fundraising dinner. Join us on Saturday 25th October for a spring feast with the usual  garden hospitality. This year Julie Patey is taking up the cheffing apron to create a meal with shared harvest theme, supported by local producers and community gardeners. Tickets are always in demand, so be quick to secure yours for what is perhaps the highlight of the community garden calendar! See details below, or download the NCG dinner flyer.

NCG dinner flyer:1

On on the subject of events, the Mount Alexander Shire are holding a chook workshop at The Hub plot on 27 September, with our own Newstead chook fancier, Graeme Elshaugh. See the flyer-keeping-chooks-workshop.pdf here.


One thought on “Come Dine with Us

  1. saide of sandon says:

    Well, our Newstead Community Garden dinner, seemed to offer a lot of fun with fabulous local food (thanks JulieP, JulieB and SueP plus donators) plus family and friends to share our time, ideas and conversation around a candle lit table decorated with bird nests (thanks to SallyR). Some musicians (special thanks to Marcus, Danni and the Ducket-Shires family duo) added to our pleasure as a springtime dinner dream came true. The speeches were short, sweet and true (thanks AndrewS and MaryP), while the VIPs were genuine good company, having already given so much time, energy and other practical support to the garden, these deserve our accolades and heartfelt gratitude (Neil Tait of Tait Iron Gallery, Andrew and Jenny Fawcett from the spelt biodynamic farm, and Linette our strategic planner). SarahK did a stirling job on the ticket and poster design, print and delivery as well as garnering local goodies for the three raffles. The setup and clean up teams were phenomenal, often work that gets less recognition. And thanks to our neighbours and our landlords, the Anglican Church, for neighbourly understanding and support, too. Am constantly pleasantly surprised by the smooth flowing of task coordination that seems to emerge around Newstead events and plans. There is a magic in these small towns and in our community gardening!

    This is our major fundraiser for the year and, although the final figures are not in as yet, I think, we have covered our major expenses for the coming year, especially protecting our water supply. This is the only fundraising event, I know of where participants have been overheard to say “Thank goodness you have increased the cost of your tickets this year!”

    Stay tuned for some photos!

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