Penny Woodward’s new garlic book – be in it to win it

Be at our dinner, at any rate. Penny has generously donated a copy of her newest publication ” Garlic”  as part of our fundraising hamper. Tickets will be sold and raffle drawn at our dinner on Saturday 25th October (the hamper will contain many other other lovely items alongside, including a Listening Earth CD and  Welshman’s Reef Vineyard offerings). Dinner tickets are also still available at the Newstead RTC during business hours.

Two weeks to the dinner. The garden is verdant, especially the weeds, so we’re having a working bee on Sunday 19th starting at 10am, to prepare for it and the Festival of Gardens. Please come and help. If you can’t get there on Sunday, we’ll have a list of tasks and can find one to suit your level of ability and time, to take on over the following week. This will tide us over for the Castlemaine Festival of Gardens! But who wouldn’t want to be in the garden at this time of year?

Back to Penny Woodward’s book. You can read my longer review of it here. In a few words, it’s clove-full of all things garlic. Packed with stunning photos, lots of information about specific cultivars as well as case studies of commercial growers, recipes, medicinal uses and historical info, it would make a great addition to your (my!) gardening library, along with Penny’s ‘Garlic and Alliums’, ‘Pest Repellant Plants’, ‘Australian Herbal’, and other books.

And here’s a pic of our latest visitors to the garden – the Yea Gardening Club. Thanks Gen, for showing them around.

Yea Gardening club members














2 thoughts on “Penny Woodward’s new garlic book – be in it to win it

  1. margot brulotte says:

    I can not come to the dinner but I can support by buying some raffle tickets.

    will post $ 20 tomorrow for some raffle tickets

    no need to send me the stubs from the tickets

    have a wonderful night

    thanks for all the great work you all do over there.

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