‘Tis the season … to be watering

Summer Pruning Workshop at St ErthHappy festivities and best wishes for the New Year.

I’m getting in ahead of the end of the month and the start of the new. Perhaps some gardeners may at last have some time for the garden, if not to celebrate in, then to escape to. So the January Notes for 2015 are now posted, for contemplation and action.

I checked in with earlier days of this blog, from the same time of year, back in 2010. Amazingly it was wet, wet, wet. I was worrying about mildews and mould (suggesting equisitum, BD508) and fretting about summer crops ripening since the spring broadies and peas were still a long way from producing. And there were locusts. Forward to 2014/15 and it’s another story. Already we’re feeling heat like it’s late January and it’s dry, dry, dry. Not to be catastrophising, nor alarmist, just pragmatic. You need to adapt to the season and grow what’s going (or easily growing). Try to spend some time in your garden, just wandering and observing, and making plans. For more hints or directions, see the January Notes.

Have a bountiful, attentive and lovely festive season, and enjoy a new year of gardening.

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