The First Garden … and February

Last week I was invited into The First Garden. It’s not a real one, but a radio show, on our local station Maine FM (94.9). Margaret Beyer hosts the show with Dianne Thomson – both women are reknowned local gardeners, Margaret with ‘Lixouri’ in Barkers Creek and Diane with her own Barkers Creek garden, but probably more widely known for her work at Buda. The show covers lots of ground – practical tips and techniques, garden travel, gardens and gardeners, also life, local happenings, and whatever … More of a garden ramble (in the nicest way) than a ‘whats wrong with my lemon tree?’  kind of show (and lemon tree Qs are definitely banned!). So if you’re near the radio or internet, tune in Fridays 3-5pm. I certainly learnt a few tips and enjoyed the virtual wander around their garden. Margaret and Diane are also happy to receive suggestions for guests or topics, either through the  Maine FM website, Facebook page, or perhaps even via here. It’s fantastic that we have such a rich and diverse gardening culture in this region.

green manure summer and vita_0018So, back to the real, live, Garden. The February Notes are now posted, so go there and find out what to plant and when, plus other gardening hints for the next month. The cooler weather at the moment is a great opportunity to start seeds off for autumn and winter, if you haven’t already.

And finally on gardening on a much larger scale, Bill Gammage is coming to Castlemaine in February to talk ‘land management 1788 style’, based on his award winning book, ‘The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia’. Find out more at the Connecting Country website, or download the brochure here: launch flyerBut note the venue has changed to the Campbells Creek Community Centre.

Enjoy food for both body and thought in February’s gardens.

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