Bat Matters and April Gardening

IMG_9417Did you know that our local bats consume over half their body weight in insects each night? In northern Victoria they’re known as the farmer’s friend, but I reckon they’d be the gardener’s friend too, especially here, and have been thinking about some bat boxes for the community garden after attending Newstead Landcare’s bat talk and workshop with Lindy Lumsden from DEWLP (the old DSE, NRE, CFL, etc.). A wonderful presentation and the experience of some bats up close – amazing creatures. For more info, here are some links. Australasian Bat Society; The Bat Pack (SA). Thanks Andrew Skeoch for the pic.

Forest bats go into torpor over the colder months, when their food source is less abundant, but April is no time for hibernating gardeners …. check out the April Notes for what to do in the garden this month. If you can get out into the garden over the easter break you’ll be rewarded, as we were with our spud harvest this week, and we got the garlic in as well. Thanks to all, especially the young folk! A watering roster for the garlic is in the making.

Autumn is a busy time in the garden. Along with the planting calendar, mark these dates in your diary:

  • Sat 4 April – Produce Exchange at Dig, 10.30am – 12
  • Sunday 12 April – BD500 spray at the garden (bring containers to do your own garden with leftovers) – 3pm to start the hour long stir
  • Sunday 19 April – Compost ingredients collection (to be confirmed)
  • Sunday 17 May – Big BD Compost Make – 10am – 3pm (we’ll be running our usual workshop)
  • NB. Amy at Maldon Neighbourhood Centre is running a casual and collaborative practical workshop on creating a wicking bed on Sat 9 May from 9-12. Rosie and Ernst are filling horns for BD500 on w/e of 23/24 May (more news coming).

See you in the garden in April. May it rain!

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