Autumn Alchemy

UntitledIt’s autumn and one’s thoughts naturally turn to compost making. It’s the nearest thing to alchemy I know of. We’re holding our annual big BD compost build workshop on Sunday May 17 for those who’d like to partake in a bit of magic – biology, chemistry and physics included.

Last year’s heap was a wonder to behold that kept giving (though we let it dry out over summer, which lessened it’s benefit) and it’s just about spent. So we now have space for a new heap, plus there’s the ongoing, smaller, cubic meter composts that can add much to the garden, much more quickly.

Join us on Sunday 17th from 10.30am to learn about BD basics and composting, help construct a large BD heap (also applicable to smaller home garden compost making) and learn by doing. We’ll provide sustenance and there will be BD preps available for you to buy for your own garden or property. See the flyer for more info.

Thanks to Jenny, Andrew, Ben and Jo at Powlett Hill who each year so generously sponsor our heap (and garden) through BD manure and spelt hulls. Also to staunch supporters Rosie and Ernst from Australian Biodynamics-Victoria who have attended all our builds and provide BD preps, enthusiasm and inspiration.

If you have materials to contribute to the heap – especially green (!) matter – the garden would welcome it. Please contact us (you’ll also receive a discount on the workshop cost). We’ll also be doing a collection run to Powlett Hill on Tuesday May 5, for those who have a trailer and/or some muscle to help shovel manure.

Compost is such an important part of our community garden; it enables us to keep growing and improving the soil and it allows gardeners to reap the benefits of a healthy soil. More important than any money in the bank, compost is our real ‘fundraiser’, ensuring the community garden can keep growing, and producing.

Don’t forget Joe Dolce at the garden as part of the Newstead Short Story Tattoo on 3 May. A big thankyou everyone who came along last Sunday at some stage and helped around the garden to get ready. Also to the pizza makers; yum, not sure that we’re any more prepared for Joe Dolce, but it was good practicing! We also sprayed a mix of BD500, compost preps and seaweed emulsion on a watered garden (sans rain) after we’d renovated the communal greens bed with more greens, shredded spent tomato crops and dug them back into the soil with compost, planted communal broadies and carrot seed (please keep an eye on the communal bed and keep moist till seeds germinate – for carrots this may be a fortnight or more) burnt the bramble prunings and some couch/bad weeds, started on preparing the communal fallow bed for leeks, celery and onions, cut back herbs, raked pathways, sowed pyrethrum in pots in igloo (please keep an eye on them and water) and generally weeded and gardened.

And now for the rain.

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