Busy May Days

May in the garden is a bit of a rush to get plants in before the cold really slows things down. It’s also an opportunity to prepare well for any bare rooted fruit trees you might be planting over winter – site it well, plan for it’s growth, espaliered or not, dig over the spot, add compost and rock dust … and get ready to dig a great big hole. Go to the Planting Notes for May to see what else to do in the garden this month.

digAlongside the gardening, this month is a busy one for the community garden – our Produce Exchange outside Dig on Saturday 2nd (10.30am – 12noon), Sunday 3rd is  Joe Dolce’s session as part of the Newstead Short Story Tattoo, Tuesday 5th we collect BD manure from Powlett Hill, and Sunday 17th we make compost – that weekend is also our fifth birthday.

Hoping it’s a lovely autumnal weekend for the Newstead Short Story Tattoo. But some rain on Monday would be nice, just to get a bit of growth and a tinge of green about. Green materials will be in short supply for our compost build, so even the weeds are welcome!

And for those interested in broader food gardening and environmental issues, the Mount Alexander Shire are inviting input/comment on their (ten-year) Environmental Strategy. Saide has been attending Council’s Sustainability and Environment Roundtable meetings, held four-monthly, on behalf of Newstead 2021 and the Newstead Community Garden. The draft document is available here on the Council website. Saide is also making a written response and welcomes any suggestions for inclusion. Please send her any comments before Sunday 10th May. There is also an opportunity to provide written feedback direct to the Shire via email to info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au.

What do you think would be the most useful thing our Shire could do for our environment in the next ten years?

Enjoy May’s days in the garden.

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