Help feed the heap, and our garden

IMG_9163Food is often foremost for our community garden. We had a wonderful feed – and afternoon of song and stories – with Joe and Lin and Newstead Short Story Tattooists last Sunday.

Thankfully our pizza doughs and toppings got the big seal of approval from Joe! You can find his recipe here.

Thanks to Joe for sending us a few pics from the day.

Still on the food front, we have our Compost Build on next Sunday 17th and need as much food for it as we can source – especially green material.

We made a run to the Powlett Hill sheepshed and thanks to Max and Ritchie (outstanding shovellers), our trailer bearers Carol, Carolyn, Gordon, we came home with five loads of biodynamic sheep poo and a double trailer of spelt hulls, thanks Ewen and Joan. Farmer John Hanley is to drop off certified organic straw bales this week. Council have left autumn leaves after ‘cleaning up’ our local streets and drains. The local General Store are dropping off some unread newspapers.

All that’s missing is some nitrogen rich material – weeds, lawn clippings, food and kitchen scraps, crop residues, herb cuttings, prunings. We’d love anything you can offer, no matter how small the amount.

Come along and learn how these raw ‘waste’ ingredients can be transformed into rich, nutritious, water-holding, worm-loving compost that will feed our garden – and us – for another season. The technique can also be used for smaller home garden composts and we will have BD preps for sale if you want to try for yourself.

On the topic of microorganisms, compost, soil and food/stomachs, here’s an interesting article from the Sustainable Food Trust in the UK. I like the idea of thinking about the soil as my stomach, and vice-versa!

Book for the compost workshop on 0439 003 469 so we know how much soup, bread and cake to make…

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