Another year, and another splendid compost

compost 2015 019A quick look back of previous year’s compost builds and I see a little pattern emerging, perhaps, that after we make compost we get a nice little sprinkle of rain – on a few occasions anyway. Perhaps we should build more heaps, earlier in the year!

Thanks to all who contributed to our weekend compost build; we now have the makings of more humus for another season. Around 10 work-shoppers from Castlemaine, Barkers Creek and Welshman’s Reef joined a handful of garden members to construct the heap. It should be cooking nicely by next week, if not before. If you are passing by the garden in the early morning you may see a bit of steam rising from the heap – don’t call the CFA; it’s just the thermophillic bacteria and microbes at work. The heap will cool down after six to eight weeks as other microbes and fungi take over, with earthworms and other larger soil fauna the last workers to move in for a meal. The pile should be ready to apply in November.

We also welcomed members of the Anglican church congregation for lunch to thank them for their ongoing support as over the last five years, and look forward to the next five! On that note a reminder that membership renewals are now due. Contact Mary Park – – for the form, or download it here –  You will also find a copy of our garden guidelines on this page.

At the moment we have one “Individual Plot” available for use and welcome any number of new Digger members to share gardening in the communal plots and the “Digger Plot”. We have also introduced a “Supporter” membership, for those who want to support the garden, share in our events, activities and produce excesses, but may not have the time and/or ability to garden with us.

You can read or download more info on compost building – here and here, or more generally on the basics of biodynamics. Thanks to Caroline for the photos.


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