Eat (and grow) up your Greens

Yes, the calendar says it’s winter and we’re not far away from the mid year solstice (at 2.38am on 22nd). Growth and germination will be slow this month, but if you were late getting started, you can still plant through the winter. Just stagger your plantings more widely to take account of this slower growth.

Leafy greens – kale, rocket, lettuce, mustards, chinese and japanese greens, all do well right through the winter and make good nightly picking. Kale is no longer a forgotten gem in Central Victorian vege gardens. In fact, it’s now faddish and fashionable. Along with silver beet, kale is a heroine of the winter garden – both are hardy and nutritious greens, that can be treated as perennials – especially if you’ve neglected to do much planting in your patch!

Think about pruning fruit trees for structure, planting and transplanting deciduous plants, and composting and soil building activies this month. For more information and some extra hints about growing onions – another good crop for winter – go to the Planting Notes for June.

rainbowAnd an update on the compost – too dark for a photo, but last night the heap was very warm, verging on hot, and nicely wet. We added a few more biscuits of straw to protect and insulate the top of heap.

I’m also tempted to have a go at turning some of those autumn leaves into a quick seedraising/potting mix – adding slaked lime, turning, watering and then repeating (without the lime) every week or so. A quick and easy way to retain the goodness of autumn.

Don’t forget the Produce Exchange on saturday 7 June, 10.30am outside Dig Cafe – drop by and pay your membership renewal at the same time.

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