Attending to the stone fruit

If you’ve been down to the garden – in between frosts – over the weekend, you’ll notice our stone fruits are starting to bud already. Remember what they tasted like?!
I’m proposing a first spray for curly leaf next Friday arvo (26th June) at 3.30pm if anyone can come along to assist and accompany. A follow up is then needed a few weeks after, when the flower buds should begin to swell and pinken.

Hold your mouse over the images to view caption or enlarge for a better view…

We could also give the ailing loganberries a spray, just for the sake of prevention (and the other fruit trees, though it won’t do anything for codling moth on the pome fruits). This treatment is also useful for black spot on roses, if you have them.
A garden members get together on Sunday 26 July, 3-5pm to meet and greet new and renewing members, talk about growing plans for spring and summer, and about fixing the (frost damaged) mosaic tables, as well as fundraising (as ever). The pizza oven will be lit. Come earlier to have a bit of a garden, with company.

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