26th July Garden Gathering

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to talk about plantings and activities once the weather warms and the days are long enough to find time to spend in the garden. We have changed the date of our winter get together to Sunday 26 July, 3-5pm. The previous date clashes with Newstead Rocket Science at Welshmans’ Reef Vineyard (Sunday 19th at 3.30pm) when Terry White will be talking about local climate reality, a topic of interest to many gardeners, and gardens.

So see you on Sunday 26th for a bit of gardening beforehand and then from 3pm for pizzas, conversation and planning for the warmer months. Imagine that. Warmth.

Also, thanks to the Newstead RTC we took delivery of a huge trailerload of green material, just starting to go a bit sloppy, but perfect for another, smaller, bd compost ….

… and also thanks to the Newstead Mens’ Shed for helping us with the first stage of the mosaic bench renovation/repair/refurbishment (another topic of conversation for July 26th). Frosts had undermined many of the ceramic tiles, making  the surfaces unsafe and dangerous. The shed blokes enjoyed a bit of wrecking, rather than building, and did it better than Whelan!

One thought on “26th July Garden Gathering

  1. Genevieve Barlow says:

    Thanks Newstead Men’s Shed for the wrecking job.
    Time soon to rehab the rhubarb plot which I gave too much love to earlier in the year. Lesson -don’t use strong doses of fresh cow manure! Am consulting with various rhubarb producers at farmers markets. Di of Di’s Rhubarb tells me older plants produce sweeter rhubarb!
    Trev of Gippsland says he might be able to supply new crowns.

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