Spring, well the first one, has been here a couple of weeks now. I’ve seen Early Nancy’s, Common Hovea and a few Gorse Bitter Peas flowering in the local bush, along with the wattles, and the orchids are pushing out flag leaves. Time to get out the ID books again!

It’s also time to get sowing seeds for summer, admiring the fruit blossoms and bees, mowing and weeding every few days. Don’t worry, it won’t last too long before the second spring is upon us – still mowing and weeding, but less frequently – and then there’s the watering, unless we get a nice spring downpour. Brian Keats is tipping some ‘Weather’ at the start of the month and again towards the end of the month’s full moon (which is also an eclipse, plus perigee moon). He also says that the moon’s range this month (at it’s minimum descent since last occuring almost 19 years ago)  heralds a time of accentuated barometric pressure and higher than average rainfall. Hope we see it in Newstead!

Today, Sunday 30th, is also a perfect day for sowing seeds – moon is opposite saturn, descending and moving from ‘root’ to ‘leaf’ via ‘flower’ day – and that’s what I’m about to go and do after posting this.

But for now, go to the September notes for planting and gardening tips. Don’t forget the Produce Exchange next Saturday 5th outside Dig cafe.

And anyone for spuds? It’s a good time to put some in.


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