By the moon, and stars, and planets

Did you notice the almost-full moon tonight? You should have, especially because it was low (descending) and close (almost a perigee) to us earthlings (and that there’ll be a lunar eclipse around 7am tomorrow morning). The moon is prevalent at present. It pays to pay attention to the moon – and stars and planets – when you are about in the garden. Find out more to aide your next gardening month in the October Notes, now posted.

After a long and very cold winter, spring has finally just about got the upper hand – but beware a few more frosts. The garden is certainly alive and springing forth, despite the lack of real rain. We are on watering rosters already – not a great sign for the months ahead. But it’s interesting to observe the garden as a whole at this stage of the season and to see what plants are performing, how and when, as opposed to last season, or the ones previous. Also heartening to see our newly planted/moved asparagus are trying to stick themselves up through the soil already!

If you haven’t started your warm season seeds it’s not too late to sow them now and early into the next month. I planted mine without decent protection or pre-soaking and despite this they’re starting to emerge, so by the time the last danger of frost has passed, it may be safe to plant the beans, tomatoes, capsicums, pumpkins, etc. If you’ve more protection, and you soak your seeds beforehand, then yours will be at least a week or two ahead of mine. See what else to plant in the October notes.

Don’t forget the October produce exchange on Saturday 3rd (also a good day to transplant, sow root crops or add compost) and a look ahead to November 7 for our garden get together in lieu of a big fundraising dinner this year.

Enjoy the garden’s spring.

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