Garlic, Water, Sprummer

This sight is one that I’ve seen a bit locally in the past few weeks. And it’s only October.

We’ve had a bit of a water crisis today at the garden too, which makes one reconsider season, growth, water, life. It’s barely November, but feels more like early next year already. See the November Notes for some suggestions.

I’m thinking the garden plots may need a reconsider and a gardener meeting ahead of the calendar summer, since we’re on watering duties already. Perhaps we should compost and heavily mulch all the annual communal beds and other spots in the garden, then focus on composting, watering and heavily mulching our fruit trees and perennials, and also any other proven food producing, important crops? I could be catastrophising. But also thinking about resource and human energy expenditure.

My fortnightly turn for watering the fundraising garlic at Helen’s this evening. After a dry start and very poor germination, the garlic is looking ok, thanks to fellow waterers and some mowing, worm juice feeding and weeding (not enough weeding!). The cockatoos took a liking to the young garlic shoots, so we netted them earlier in the season and now the plants are stretching beyond their coverings. The bird netting has also been a valuable sunshade, allowing the plants to grow through their slow start. My guess is that we still have at least another month or more till thinking about harvest, curing, storage.

We still have tickets available for our other most vital garden fundraiser – this year’s Twilight music and food evening, on November 7th. Invite your family and friends and join us for a special evening. And don’t forget the Produce Exchange, Saturday 7th outside Dig cafe 10.30am – 12 noon – bring out your spring excesses.

Enjoy the early mornings and evenings in the garden. It will reward you.

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