Garden Fundraiser Postponed til 2016

We’re sorry, but we’ve had to postpone our twilight music evening scheduled for Saturday November 7. Too many other local events competing with the date, a dry garden and many garden members not available mean we will hold it over till 2016.

We weren’t able to sell enough tickets to cover the event expenses and have enough left over to bank to pay for our water bill (will be very important for this season and next…).

Apologies if you bought tickets and were eagerly awaiting the night; you’ll be refunded asap, if you haven’t been already. We’re disappointed too, but will come back with a grand affair next year. Thanks to all those who offered to help in any way. We’ll be having a low key get together – BYO picnic – for any gardeners who can make it down to the garden on the 7th anyway.

See you for the 2016 Dinner…

And don’t forget to look out for our garlic stall (fingers crossed) …

One thought on “Garden Fundraiser Postponed til 2016

  1. Sheilagh Kentish says:

    Hi Janet (and Mary) Sorry to hear about the decision to postpone. It is really busy this time of year. We have the opportunity to have a Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings this Sun and I am struggling to get volunteers. I hope when you organise it for next year that I am able to come. This year I wasn’t, our grandaughter’s ballet night is on Sat 7th! It looks such a lovely night and with your weather it would be terrific! You do a fabulous job! Well done, chat soon. Sheilagh

    Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2015 04:21:30 +0000 To:

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