Gardening Through a Dry December

Have you thought about drought preparedness for your vege garden?

If not, now’s the time. Find some tips in the December Planting Notes, now posted.

For instance, I wouldn’t be planting corn this summer, unless I had oodles of ‘clean’ grey water or were growing it in a planting guild. Corn is a very resource-heavy crop. It needs lots of water, lots of nutrition, and lots of other corn plants around it in order for pollination to be effective (usually a block of at least 50 – 80 plants, I reckon, so that wind pollination will be effective) and even then, you only harvest two cobs from each plant. But grown with say pumpkins and climbing beans, you can spread the risk and make the most of resources.

On the subject of guilds, Ernst from Australian Biodynamics Victoria (ABV) supplied this handy guide to companion planting in the last ABV newsletter. He suggests laminating it and keeping it alongside/in your seed collection.

And on the subject of pumpkins, Joanne in Castlemaine has given us a few pumpkin seedlings to grow for her giant pumpkin growing competition and harvest festival. Along with Buda, The Hub Plot, Winters Flat and Castlemaine South primary schools, and a dozen individual growers we’ll be aiming for a whopper cucurbit! Ours have been planted in the raised bed so we can focus water, worm juice, compost – and love – on them …

Don’t forget the last Produce Exchange for the year, on Saturday 5th December, 10.30 – noon outside Dig Cafe.

2 thoughts on “Gardening Through a Dry December

    • janet barker says:

      It looks like it’s still got a few weeks to go Julie. It was pretty slow emerging and finally getting going … will depend on how many days like today we get with hot, drying winds. But I’ll dig one up and have a sneak peek ….

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