Digging the garlic

A small group of us – Saide, Dawn, Julie, Lyn, Sarah, Andrew, Megan and Gabby – gathered to dig the garlic on the weekend. Late, but our garlic took a while to emerge and grow this year. You’ll remember we sourced a fresh supply of seed after our mildew problem (well, disaster) last year. Rob and Liz from Ananda Organics in Naracoorte, SA supplied us with two hardneck (Creole) types – Rose and Purple – as well as a White softneck.

It was a bit late harvesting for the (much earlier) purple variety which had lost its tops, making it harder to bandicoot amongst the straw mulch. No doubt there’s still a bit left in the paddock! However, the later maturing Rose has produced some lovely looking bulbs and in good number. The purple variety will still taste fantastic and we’ll share that amongst garden members.

Not too bad a crop at all, considering the bad start and dry year and the weeds and cockies and …

All of the dug garlic is now happily hanging (for us, if not the garlic) under Gayle and Gary’s house, curing and allowing the flavours to intensify until we prepare it for our annual sales over the Newstead Live! Festival, 22 – 25 January. Over the years we have gained a regular bevy of festival goers who seek our garlic.

A big thankyou to Helen for generously providing the land, water, and to Leon for the tractor work. It’s really satisfying and more enjoyable to be able to – or at least attempt to – fund our garden costs through growing, rather than writing funding submissions!

2 thoughts on “Digging the garlic

  1. Penny says:

    Really great that your crop has been successful this year. And curing should not be a problem as it is such a dry year. I love Creole Group garlics so hope you all enjoy eating them too,
    cheers Penny

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