’tis the season …

… to enjoy the fruits of your plantings, in between watering and shade protection duties …

And, yes, Christmas. I hope that you find some time (and shade) in the garden over the christmas break and into the new year. And here’s hoping for the best gift a gardener can get – rain.

If you do venture out to your patch, the January Notes for 2016 are now posted and will give some tips on how to keep your garden cool, what jobs you should be thinking about this month (especially if you want to be grazing from your garden in autumn) and the most effective time to carry them out.

Brian Keats predicts that we’ll be in the El Nino phase until 2022 (!) – primarily due to Jupiter’s influence. He’s also introduced some new features into his astro-calendar, including the solar pentads (and been guided by our own Geoff Park’s Natural Newstead blog). Go to the January Notes to read more, including where to get copies of Brian’s calendars and other well considered resources.

If you are visiting our town for the Newstead Live! weekend in January (22-25), look out for our excellent garlic. We’ll be selling it under a shady tree, within earshot of some music. Sales help contribute to paying our annual water bill. Important, this year especially.

Have a relaxing, peaceful and re-energising festive season.

happy xmas, the season for cherries

happy xmas, the season for cherries

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