Come and visit us at Newstead Live! to get your good tasting garlic and help us raise the funds needed to pay for our community garden water bill. We’ll be set up in Panmure Street, outside the Anglican church (in front of the garden) all day on Saturday January 23. Well, until 6pm.

Thanks to this morning’s garlickers, we have ended up with 12.4kg, of various sizes, for selling. In addition, we have kept aside another 4kg of seed garlic for next year’s sowing (the biggest and best cloves) and also some for our generous ‘sharecropper’, Helen. All up the harvest worked out at 18.2kg.

Thanks Gayle and Gary for keeping it safe and for your hospitality this morning.

This is what it looked like at harvest, back in December, thanks Sarah for pics.

And this is our seed supply for growing this year. It may look a bit scrappy, but these are the biggest bulbs of the Ananda Rose garlic, so big in fact many of them have burst their skins! Not very good for storage, but perfect for planting in Autumn.


And another word on the bugs – here’s a picture of the Rutherglen Bug damage to our China Flat peaches. Some of the crops got a spray of diluted seaweed emulsion yesterday arvo – good as a tonic for stressed plants – looks like the rhubarb needs a couple of doses, thanks to the grasshoppers/locusts …


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