Paying attention to the skies

Yes, it’s just about February. I would normally say ‘already?’ but it isn’t that yet for me; we still have another hot month to get through. However, the February Notes are now posted, take them as you (or your garden) will.

Going by the old schedules, I planted seeds about ten days ago, anticipating autumn and winter eating, as one should if one likes to pick the odd Brussels sprout, or cabbage, kale and autumnal greens, etc. They are in my lean-to, out of the direct heat and light, which I thought would suit. Planted at Moon opposite Saturn, but I didn’t take into account the other lunar rhythms. Like the almost full moon, for instance. Anyway, they are very leggy. I will pay more attention to the planting calendar in February.

I’m most pleased with some of my other seed sowings though.  I had a go with some twenty-year-old native seeds (stored in a cardboard removals box for all of that time). Soaked them in boiling water and left for a day or so (some probably need smoke treatment, some scarifying or stratifying, but I just soaked them in hot water). Yellow Box – Eucalyptus melliodora  are sprouting, can you spot them?

I’m really actually seeking understorey and grasses, but I suspect I’ll have to find fresher seed, or Frances at Newstead Natives. Anyway, it’s enjoyable having a go. I’ve also tried with some seed from the lovely silver banksia in the front yard (a very large plumbing bill the result of keeping it in place) and am very hopeful.

Peaches of one of our China Flats have been fantastic. The other tree not so. Who knows why. We just appreciate what the garden gives, with a bit of attention from us now and then, and a lot more hoping.

Don’t forget our get-together to revise the past gardening year and get set for the next one. February 7th, 6-8pm, bring a plate.  The Produce Exchange kicks off for the year as well on Saturday February 6th at 10.30am til noon outside Dig Cafe.

And try sowing some seeds yourself this February.

One thought on “Paying attention to the skies

  1. margot brulotte says:

    The American Farmers Almanac is very rarely wrong going by all the planets and the sun and the moon etc They have said the eastern part of the USA would have all these snow storms again for the 3rd year and the last 2 they were right They have said in a lot of places the last of the snow will be off the ground in late April/ early May If that is so we will have another long summer and tomatoes on the vine till May with the hardier ones like the last two years Not sure as it is very up and down as we have seen but for the longer pattern I would go with them as for 150 odd years they have called it well.

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