Garden visitors and the darling buds of March

It’s almost March (yes, there’s that extra day that we stick in there to be accurate). Autumn is my favorite season. Gathering stores of produce, preserving the harvest, enjoying the sun’s warmth and soaking it up (usually) before, yes, … well that’s another story/season.

Thanks to the hardy gardeners who’ve been keeping the water up, and also to the herb harvesters – Dawn, Gen, Louise, Lyn, Carmen – who are trying the drying of some of our herbs, including the rosemary, lemon verbena, thyme, marjoram.

In the last week or so we’ve had some garden visitors from way up North, the Utopia aboriginal community in NT where they’re establishing gardens at the Rocket Range outstation to support a nutrition/health program. Ingrid was showing them around the local area. And more locally, from Barkers Creek, Peter came to take cuttings from our plums for budding. He was particularly interested in the Coes’s Golden Drop, reputed to be an amazing tasting plum. By budding it onto his existing plum tree, he’ll get two varieties from off the same tree. Now’s the time for budding.

Check out the March Notes for more info on budding and other tasks this month.

On the subject of timing and garden tasks, we now have a calendar of events for the year. Dates are aligned with the biodynamic calendar, to get the most benefit from our work. We are trying a monthly working bee and will focus on one part/quarter of the garden each time, including helping out individual plot holders in that quadrant if they need it. Add lunch and pizza oven. There are also activities that will be time specific according to conditions, such as BD spraying, etc. so if you’d like to learn more about BD or fruit tree management, herbs, etc these are the ideal opportunity. These sessions will be for 1 – 2 hrs only and days/times will be confirmed closer to the action.

We’d like garden members to attend at least two working bee sessions and volunteer to look after one Produce Exchange for the year.

Download the dates/plans here – garden calendar – or visit the page – here.

Because the BD garden needs to be a bit flexible depending on the conditions and lunar rythym, you can subscribe to the calendar to keep up to date on the whole year, and watch the sidebar on this website for just the next few events. The Produce Exchange (Sat) and Summer Pruning (Sun) are first up, this weekend.

Yes, it’s almost March, but the year is just starting for the garden!

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