A satisfying snip

You know how much better you feel after a good haircut? Well our fruit trees are also feeling quite unburdened after their annual summer prune.

Thanks to Dawn, Lyn, Carolyn and Sarah we’ve snipped our apple, pear, peach, plum and nectarine trees. For an explanation on why we prune in summer, read this earlier post and there’s more information on summer pruning and espaliers here. We left them with a slow hose to get a deep water this afternoon and will hopefully get some seaweed/fish emulsion into them over the next week too.

Timing-wise it should also be beneficial for the trees – the last few days have seen a descending moon (the lunar tropical cycle), in a fruit and root sign (lunar sidereal cycle), and although the moon isn’t waning, it’s still been in the first quarter, or waxing crescent phase (synodic cycle). We’ve also just passed a perigee moon which is closest to the earth this month (apsidal cycle) so more effect/impact from what else is going on.

Don’t forget our first working bee for the year, next Sundaysee the calendar or website sidebar for more information. We’ll be working on the communal plots in that quadrant, amongst other things.

It was good chatting today about our communal crops and how that maybe the reason the rhubarb has done so poorly where it is is because it’s blasted by the western setting sun. We talked about better spots for it, or planting other sheltering things for summer (even though most think of rhubarb as being the hardiest of hardy). Microclimates in the garden, especially in ours, are becoming of more and more interest and importance. It also means paying more careful attention, from the plant’s viewpoint.

Here’s some pics of the haircut, or at least the afterwards: (click over the image to see caption/open slideshow). Would also love Simon Rickard (remember that workshop? and then again) to come back to the garden and tell us what we’ve done wrong!


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