More in May – on Sunday May 29th to be precise …

Just a reminder about our next big day out in the garden – next Sunday 29th May.

Neil Tait (Tait Iron, and maker of fine pizza ovens, including our own) has offered to come and show us how to operate the pizza oven properly (and will make us pizzas and some other non-pizza delights).

We will also unveil our new signage and refurbished benches.

And we’ll be collecting memberships, catching up, having a scratch and a bit of a communal dig (in quadrant four) whilst the food cooks.

Neil will be arriving 9.30am for a 10am start to give the pizza oven workshop. Pizzas will be ready for eating around 12.30pm and veggies and lamb shanks a few hours after that….

We are seeking some additional contributions to the day. Can you help?:

1. WOOD for the pizza oven – Neil says grey box or other box, or well dried redgum (no bark) – a barrow load or two, split if possible into 4-6 inch thickness

2. VEGES for roasting – spuds, sweet spuds, beet, carrot, pumpkin, etc … and a large baking pan … and foil to cover

BYO utensils to eat off/with, chair, membership fees. We’ll provide cuppas, food, etc. See you there.

And a quick mention of our garlic growing. The first lot we planted is well away. The second and third lots, just starting to peek through. I took the advantage of good soil conditions and a mass germination of weeds, to do a bit of hoeing this morning. Weeds at this size are so much easier to takle with a sharp implement.

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