Sunday’s Garden (at Newstead, not Heide)

Just a quick reminder about Sunday’s garden meeting and working bee.

We’ll be starting at 10 with a quick catchup over a cuppa – discuss where things are at with the garden, inc the festival of gardens planning, and other possible events and activities for the garden, plus just see where everyone is at with their plot or bit of garden- before we get stuck into the work.

Come for a little or long time – even half an hour will make a big difference in the garden. There are plenty of tasks, including helping plotholders in Quadrant 1 (Julia, Erica, Dawn) if they need it. But the day’s priority is to create compost. We have enough green material on hand to make a BD heap, and have just about run out of last year’s supply. So, all the mowing and weeding materials can go directly into the heap. Plus compost building is a good way to keep warm!

Although it’s a node day (at 5.10pm) it is favourable for compost building – the moon is descending and waning, and we’ll be just coming out of a “root” day. Also good to put out BD500…

And the pizza oven will be lit! Bring lunch makings. Cuppas provided. See you in the garden, Sunday.

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