Colder than, well, cold?

Yes, it’s lovely to have a real winter.

And fantastic that we had around 10 hardy gardeners and their offspring turn up on Sunday to help tend to our garden. Amazing, given the conditions. Thanks to Gen for getting up earlier to light the oven (as per Neil’s instructions, and perfectly) so that we were able to enjoy pizza. Thanks Angella for them, and all of the cooking. And to Mary for the hot cuppas and everything else. And yay to Louise for the salt and butter for the very, very, freshly dug then roasted spuds. All of us shared one fork, and with very dirty hands. Tasted absolutely wonderful.

Too wet to make compost, so stay tuned for the next action on that – but there’s plenty of makings about. And there’s still a bit to do in the garden. But things have slowed, being winter.

And this winter school holidays the FOBIF program is pretty lovely as well, for offspring and their relations.

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