Welcome weather, especially for weeds

Growth normally slows in winter, but the wonderfully wet conditions have meant that winter crops – and weeds – are doing particularly well at the moment. Our garlic is a case in point (and spot the lentils amongst the images below). But luckily the weeds are still small and easily tackled with a sharp implement. I plan to get out and do some on Saturday afternoon, after the Produce Exchange (10.30-12noon outside Dig cafe). You’d be welcome to join me in Helen’s field for a bit of good post-voting therapy.

But weeds aren’t all bad. They are a valuable source of green material for compost and bring individual qualities to the heap. We have a lot of green material at the garden! So compost is on the agenda this month – Sunday 10th (a “root” day though the moon isn’t in the most optimal rhythm) is the plan for another big BD heap. Find out what else to do and plant in the garden this month in the July planting notes, now posted.

Brian Keats warns that the first week of July will be a cold one, so rug up if you are venturing out, and perhaps do something warming, like weeding!

a welcome bright spot in the garden

a welcome bright spot in the garden

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