Heaps of good greens

We had ten gardeners help out with the compost make on Sunday, with three hard core composters, Julia, Angella and Gordon, lasting the whole shebang. Thanks Julia for the pics.

We had a little issue with water supply (!) but once sorted hopefully will have drenched the heap enough. The ingredients were all fresh, green andmoisture-rich though, which hasn’t been the case with many of our previous builds and bodes well. If you are walking past the garden in the next week, especially in the cold of the early morning or evening, check for rising steam!

The big heap should slump down by a third, or even half, once the microbes and BD preps get into action. It’s a little disappointing, seeing all that hard slog minimised, but that is the point. And it shows that we have created the right conditions to make very good compost. The garden will love it in the months and years to come.

I think the hard core composters will still be getting over pains and aches all of this week, maybe into the next, but there’s still enough greenstuff and manures for at least another go, carbon sources – and composters – willing, sometime soon.

Don’t forget the next working bee on Sunday 28th. One of the jobs will be weeding, but there’ll also be some other pleasant tasks, like sowing seeds for the Festival of Gardens plant sales, and giving things a foliar feed of fish emulsion and worm juice.

One thought on “Heaps of good greens

  1. saidegray says:

    So many thanks to all the marvellous compost fairies who have left the beautiful pile in the garden. This all bodes well for gardening futures! So sorry to have missed it – have been snuffly with hay fever or something for a month, so decided not to share my large with company. But saw the magic working today and gave the pile a pat and did some weeding.

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