As the trees begin to blossom …

… one’s thoughts turn to pollination (plus the fact we missed out on doing curly leaf prevention this year…) and thus bees. I’ve been watching a few winter hardy bees on the lavender (especially the prostrate lavender; quite prolific this year) and on the early broadies in the past couple of weeks.

After doing a natural beekeeping course at Castlemaine Continuing Education earlier this year, I’ve been investigating top bar hives as a way to host bees that could be both bee and human body friendly. And perhaps in the garden.  Adrian Iodice is running a course in Warranwood at the St Michael Centre on September 3 and 4. The Centre hosts Biodynamics in Community, and a biodynamic community garden, so I’m keen to check the garden out as well.

Here’s the link to find out more about the course.

It’s also a reminder to sow more bee-friendly seeds and to incorporate flowering plants this spring (see Penny Woodward’s article) wherever you garden.

4 thoughts on “As the trees begin to blossom …

  1. margot brulotte says:

    I have heard that the ”munash” rock dust sprinkled just before the buds are ready to open and then some handfuls as they are opening will stop the leaf curl….something to do with the amount of sugars that the fungus does not like I am about to try it on my nectarine tree and peach

    Garry said the 10 or 12 years he has been doing that he has had no leaf curl but before that always had to spray as there was so much. I will let you know how I go

    • janet barker says:

      We have rockdust in one of the black bins outside the shed. The Munash rockdust Margot talks about – dunno but suspect it is a better grade and/or has added goodies than the common old ‘crusher dust’? Here’s the website: . I’ve tried to find it in Castlemaine, but no luck yet. Munash have been producing organic soil conditioners for many years; they are located between Newlyn and Ballarat, on that road.

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