After the Deluge

Unplanned, uncontrolled growth. And I’m not talking about Melbourne, or its hinterlands. Our garden has sprung, sprawled and sprouted after the recent rains. Messy could be one word, but there’s something very lovely about the way the plants have responded to a good drenching, weed or not. It’s also a bit overwhelming. Mowing anyone? I’m also concerned about the flowering stonefruit and whether the deluge has put paid to any fruit this year.

The water lapped the levee again (thanks Gen for the photo) but the garden and most of Newstead stayed safe. Local tourists, kept home from work, bandied about. Out of towners couldn’t enter. Lots of excitement about Water and Weather, though thoughts are with other communities where it is a lot more than ‘exciting’. However, the soils will be loving it, especially our subsoils, which are the equivalent of a gardener’s gold mine, bank, or just plain, basic, security.

We had suggested an event on for 23rd or 24th this month, however let’s just go back to Sundays, when most gardeners manage it, and try the 25th September for a catch up, survey the ‘carnage’  and enjoy the fecundity of the garden (whilst it lasts)  … See below.

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One thought on “After the Deluge

  1. margot brulotte says:

    I agree mine is the same…..overwhelming is the word growth everywhere horses have eaten down some….dams overflowing ….all 6 of them….out clearing overflows so they do not bust their banks till 7 at night……oh what fun it is to live on property in the country

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