Weeds; friend not fiend …. mostly

We made a little indent on the rampant growth at our working bee last Sunday. The garden was a busy place – and not just with bees foraging on the borage, capeweed and masses of other flowering plants we have at the moment. Earlier in the morning the joint congregations of Newstead and Maldon’s Anglican Church held a garden service, led by Rev Donald Bellamy. Gardeners Gen and Angella attended on behalf of the garden (thanks Gen for the pics).

Later in the morning we mowed, weeded and planted asparagus crowns, in between a visit by Stefania Netcu and her family. Stepfania is behind the Thornhill Lane biodynamics range (as mentioned last post) and she had a wander through the garden looking at our herb collection, enthusing about the role of herbs in health and skincare, and sharing some secrets on how to dry, process and create skincare products. And Sophia enjoyed eating our calendulas – lots!

We are still weeding and planting, and in fact will try for a regular Sunday morning stint leading up to the Festival of Gardens. And another Working Bee on Sunday 23 October 10ish to 2ish. Although a little overwhelming, it is inspiring to see the garden going crazy with growth after so many years of dry, trying to get the plants through hot dry summers when no amount of watering seemed to make a difference. Now our subsoils are being topped up and the plants are taking advantage of years of soil building with composts and the BD preps. Proves there is just no subsitute for real rain!

On the topic of weeds, go to the October 2016 Garden Notes for some weed wisdom, as well as a guide to planting and gardening for the next month. Don’t forget the Produce Exchange (tomorrow) outside the Red Store (silverbeet, lettuce, coriander anyone?!) from 10.30am.

Also, the Dunnolly Community Garden have an open garden and worm cafe workshop on the 8th October – find out how to make a low input, low maintenance worm farm for your garden. And visit us during the Festival of Gardens which starts on October 29th.

See you in the garden.



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