Make hay, I mean compost …


Remember every other year when we have been scratching around trying to find greens and begging for lawn clippings and kitchens scraps all over town? I never thought I’d be searching and scratching for enough carbon to make compost!

Thanks to organic farmer John Hanley, we have a small, neat, haystack of mulch just outside the gate. Very welcome, because it means we can continue to make compost from all the georgous weeds and greens we are dealing with at the garden. We still have plenty of manure from our Powlett Hill shearing shed ‘experience’ (though the pile is diminishing rapidly). Making another big BD heap is easy enough. We are onto our third large pile now. The first one made back in Autumn is just about ready to use. Good timing. We should have used it all by the time the transformation of these spring piles are complete.

And there’s plenty of water to create compost – usually another factor for gardeners. Compost uses significant amounts of water (but will pay you back in the long term, as your soils become better at holding water all year round).

So, just like making hay whilst the sun shines, we should enjoy the opportunity to make compost whilst it keeps raining.

Don’t forget our big working bee on Sunday 23 October from 10am. It’s our last chance to tidy things up for the Festival of Gardens which begins on Saturday 29th October. See you in the garden.


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