Nice first day in the FOG

Today was lovely; gentle, very nice visitors. Mozzie repellents seemed to work, thanks Carolyn and co for that.

We had about 40 gardeners through, sold some plants and cuppas & cakes and Frances also did ok with her plants.

Hope the other three gardens in Newstead had an equally nice time.

And the first 4 strawberries tasted exceptional!

Festival of Gardens 2016 and vibtrant community garden on show

Thanks all the gardeners for today.

Wild weather may be coming! Good there’s not too many tomatoes planted out yet. Enjoy the FOG.

And call into the Newstead Railway Station to see what the Historical Society have created and curated.

2 thoughts on “Nice first day in the FOG

    • janet barker says:

      Hi Pam. It was the second recipe on this page – mozzie repellers – and we also offered veils for hats and had some coils going. The wristbands we had appear to be no good, hmmm. I think the spray needs reapplying after an hour or two. Of course mozzies are selective about people, their sweat, blood type, etc. so who knows!? Wind and cold conditions also help!

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