Community. Newstead & Maldon. Conversation

Not quite anything directly to related to the garden, but you might be interested in this upcoming event … about our landscape, community, and what we value in it. So, yes, there are parallels to the garden.

“Talking Fire” is on the weekend of November 12 and 13 at Newstead Community Centre. Some of the talk will be about how we can protect the special things and places in the environment, as well as ourselves and our communities, from the risks of fire. Saturday will be mainly field-based, after an introduction in the hall, as we work our way from Mount Tarrengower back down to Newstead, looking at some sites and discussing what we see (is it biodiversity? fuel? some of both?) and what it means in and for our landscape. Sunday will focus on risk and forward planning, with fire experts from DELWP, local CFA and fire ecologists. We hope it will be the start of more conversations about what it means to live with fire.

There will also be some looking back to learn for today and the future – recording histories and oral histories around fires in our area, and the role of local community groups in that. Do you have a fire story or history around any aspect of “fire”? Come along on the Saturday and have a chat to Gordon Dowell any time during the day.

Come to all or any of the sessions.

To book (event is free but bookings are needed for catering and transport) and for more information, or to ask about it, go to the event website,

Thanks to our supporters, Mount Alexander Shire Community Grants, Maldon & District Community Bank (Bendigo Bank) and Norman Wettenhall Foundation.

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