Into the New Garden Year

Feels like summer is finally arriving. It’s been a fairly benign start so far.

All the garlic is now out of the ground and under Gayle and Gary’s house. Not a great result – season too wet and weedy. Thanks to Angella for whipper snipping the plots at Helen’s. We have a heap of broadie seed (we decided harvesting the oats and lentils was too big a job, but the paddock will welcome them).

In the garden the berries – strawbs, boysens and logans – are worth a hunt; very tasty and best eaten straight from the plant in my opinion. Tomatoes are starting to flower, cabbages ready, also lettuces scattered about, rhubarb ready, earlier zukes beginning their thing, and the pears and apples are looking good (may need more netting…).

The January notes are now posted, early, so you can think ahead to January over the christmas break, or at least they’ll be there when you have the time … the garden can be a quiet place to escape the at times festive madness.  And a few hints on seed saving and what else to do in January (besides watering and mulching!).

Also attached is the summer BD newsletter from Ernst and Rosie – some interesting articles and more inspiration to keep practicing and learning from the biodynamic methods. Liz Burns from Trewhella Farm at Musk is also practicing and learning – I received an update this week; a simple and useful explanation of how she’s incorporating biodynamics. Liz says ‘ …the more I work with BD, the more convinced that it’s the ultimate method of producing food.’  I’m also looking forward to her silvanberry harvest!

Come along to the pizza oven tonight, our last catch up for the year, even if you can’t stay for the duration. Thanks to everyone for your gardening efforts this year.

Have a lovely festive season. See you in the garden in 2017  hope it’s a productive and bountiful one.

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