Garlickers get ready

Thanks to the Garlickers – Gayle, Garry, Gordon, Gen (is there a trend here?), Julie, Julie, Julia and Janet (another trend?) we have all the garlic bagged and ready for selling at Newstead Live! next Saturday.

We’ve cultivated quite a few repeat festival goers who look for our garlic each year.

Get in early and get yours – we’ll be set up from 9.30am til 6.30pm in Panmure St adjacent to the Rec. Reserve and outside the Church (which fronts our garden).We’ll have info on how to grow garlic – should you want to grow, rather than eat it. Plus some of the gardens’ broad beans – again, use the seeds to grow your own great crop, or cook the dried beans;  Julia will have some recipes on hand. There may be other produce too, depending on how the garden is growing.

We still have 2 spots needing to be filled for the 3-5 stint and then 5-6.30 and packup (if we haven’t sold out by then). See you at the garlic. And look for Julie’s gorgeous garlic photos on Instagram!

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