Summer’s last blast?

The February Notes are now posted – find out what to do this month in the garden including what you should be planting, if you can find room. This month is an eclipse month – there’s a lunar eclipse on the 11th and a solar one on the 27th, plus a fair bit of planetary movement towards the end of the month which could see some Weather, according to Brian Keats. Hopefully not a heatwave.

Thanks to the bakers and garlic sellers who helped out on Saturday. We didn’t sell that much of our broadie harvest (well over 6kg beans), but the garlic did pretty well and we have enough left over to grow more next year at the garden – and maybe even enough to share some amongst ourselves (!). It was nice to chat with festival goers and garlic lovers, many were repeat buyers over the years we have been selling.

In the garden the strawbs have been mouthwatering, although flowering seems to have tapered off, zukes and tomatoes are starting to ripen and the pumpkins are finally starting to run. On the other hand, the early variety apples are early and starting to drop a bit of  fruit. The peppermint for tea is lovely and french tarragon and sage are both producing really well, amongst the herbs. But it has been a bit of a late season, which makes planning and planting for autumn a bit more problematic.

It’ll also soon be time for summer pruning … and a garden get together to discuss the year ahead… see you in February’s garden.

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